Historical information

A temple tomb in the form of a Greek temple with a triangular pediment. Dark pillars on a flat, paved base support the plinth of the memorial. The memorial is situated on lawn, surrounded by trees and shrubs. Between the pillars, a glass enclosure can be clearly seen. The enclosure was removed at a later date. Harold Desbrowe-Annear designed the Springthorpe Memorial, while Bertram Mackennal sculpted the statuary on the sarcophagus. William Guilfoyle is belived to have advised on the design of the garden.

Physical description

An early black and white postcard of the Springthorpe Memorial in the Boroondara General Cemetery. There are numerous often undated postcards showing the memorial. This example features two women standing at left and a man at right. Based on the women's costumes, the postcard can be dated to 1900-1910.

Inscriptions & markings

A Temple Tomb / Boroondara