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Photo, Legatee function

From the Collection of Melbourne Legacy 293 Swanston Street Melbourne Victoria

Colour photo x 8 of a legatee event with flags and military hats.
Object Registration
legatee event, comradeship
Historical information
Photos of an event at Legacy House for the Legatees approximately 1992 or 1993.There are flags including the Union Jack, Australian flag, the Navy flag and possibly a French flag. There is a display of military hats as well.
As well as flags there are signs such as 'Tiger Balm, Arrack, Jack Juice, Rice Wine, Suez Canal Water'. Identifiable legatees include John Stevenson (President in 1992), Fred Holdsworth (in airforce cap), D. Simonson (President in 1991) and Charles Munnerley who was chairman of the widows committee for many year to 1993. Also a legatee playing piano.
A record of the comradeship of the Legatees.
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4 May 2020 at 11:31AM