Historical information

This photograph is part of a series taken at the Willsmere (Kew) Mental Hospital. The photographs were gifted to the Kew Historical Society in 2018 by Rosemary Barnes. The photos had been in the possession of her former husband, Dr Fred Stamp, the last medical superintendent of the hospital. In 2019, the photographs were transferred to the State Archives as Permanent Government Records, as the Society is only entitled as a Class-B Place of Deposit to hold Temporary Government Records. The Society was permitted to keep and publish a digital copy of each photograph. Many of the photographs include information on the reverse about individuals or locations. Where this is the case, these have been published here as images that can be viewed in the picture carousel. Permission for third parties to reproduce this record must be granted by the Public Record Office Victoria.

Physical description

One of a series of photographs of interior workplaces and the grounds of the Willsmere Unit taken in the 1980s.