Historical information

This photograph was taken at the Camp Street Beechworth at the intersection with Ford Street c1910 looking at the post office on the left hand side and a row of shops on the right. The Post Office is the photograph was completed in 1859. Following a fire along Camp St in 1867 the Post Office was rebuilt with a bell and clock tower. The P.0. played an important role in communicating news in 1880 of the infamous murders of police at Stringybark Creek and the various exploits of the Kelly gang.

Physical description

Sepia rectangular postcard printed on gloss card.

Inscriptions & markings

Obverse: Camp Street, Beechworth REAL PHOTO SERIES. M5911 Reverse: BMM7734.2 VALENTINES REAL PHOTO SERIES Published by the Valentine Publishing Co.Pty.Ltd. Queen St. Melb 1906-1910?