Historical information

Group Reunion c.1981
Back L-R: Pam Fry, Rita Perkins (nee Lloyd), Pat Gardiner (nee McCarthy), Eileen Lawrie, Kay Campbell, ?, ?, ?, ?, Flossie Jones
Front L-R: Joan Kube, ?, Mona Bannon, Wilkie, Frances Dean, Glennys Nankervis, ?, Elizabeth Todd

Nurses Lecture Room c.1948
In the former children's ward, a tutor sister instructs trainees on the intricacies of the human skeleton. Their Examination papers might require an account of the structure of a joint, or of the nursing of fractures treated in 'skeletal traction'.
Back Row L-R: Isabelle Brown, Mabele Rogers, Pat Lemon, Enid Murphy
Front Row L-R: Gladys Leeden, Eileen Lawrie, Pat McCarthy ?, ?, ?, (maybe Joan Kube, Rita Lloyd, ?)

Physical description

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