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From the Collection of Melbourne Legacy 293 Swanston Street Melbourne Victoria

Colour photo x 6 of the launch of a tram painted to promote to Legacy at Flinders St Station.
Object Registration
legacy promotion, answer, tram
Historical information
Photos from the 2 May 1995 when the Transport Minister, Mr Alan Brown and Legacy President David Millie unveiled banners at Flinders St Station saying "Australia Remembers". Also the launch of a tram by Junior Legatees Kim Anderson and Peter Hazelager. Another photo is a group of dignitaries in front of the tram.
The tram was painted to promote Legacy in 1995 which was the 50th Anniversary of the end of World War II. Wording on the tram says: "This year - Australia remembers the Heroes of World War II / 50 years on / Legacy never forgets to care for the widows and children of those who fought for our freedom".
It appeared in The Answer in June 1995 after it had been launched on May 2nd by President David Millie and Public Transport Minister, Mr Alan Brown. The ribbon was cut by Junior Legatees Kim Anderson and Peter Hazelager. "The distinctive white tram will be running on routes around Melbourne for at least six months and our thanks go to the Public Transport Corporation for making it possible."
01809.1 shows President Millie, Kim Anderson and Peter Hazelager.
01809.2 is Peter Hazelager being held by his mother, Margaret Anderson and Kim Anderson.
01809.4 is a Legatee, Minister Alan Brown, President Millie, a man in The MET uniform, Legatee Roger Greene.
When Made
A record of a way to promote Legacy during Legacy Week in 1995.
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23 May 2020 at 11:42AM