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Ashtray - trench art

From the Collection of Beechworth RSL Sub-Branch 99 Ford Street Beechworth Victoria

A ashtray made from the bottom part of 100 mm artillery shell; there are three groves spaced at equal distance on the rim of ashtray' small arm cartridge shell is soldered to internal primer house of the artillery shell ; on the shell rim there are three files groves that may be considered decorative with radiating file marks on side of the ashtray assumed to had been made when filing the groves on the shell rim.
Object Registration
Historical information
Item acquired by Pte B.A. Bistrow 5848 6th London Regiment during war service in France during WWI
Inscriptions & Markings
marking relating the artillery shell around the base are; 18 Pr II (roman numerals for 2) clockwise from that are; LOT 193; B5; CF - 7/16; abd EWBC
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26 Jun 2020 at 12:12PM