Artists statement

After training as a Cartographic Draftsman within the mining industry, I worked as a property illustrator for real estate firms in the eastern suburbs of Melbourne for 22 years from 1983. I initially photographed houses with a Polaroid camera and made a 'thumbnail' sketch while there. The photos were used to scale off a sketch in pencil and then that sketch was overlaid with drafting film and the 'pen and ink' completed. The pens I used were the Rotring ‘Rapidigraph’ drafting pens. The ink was also made by Rotring (German).The film was ‘Rapidraw’, polyester drafting film, double matte. It takes a very fine line and doesn’t bleed. As well as house sketches, there were often floor plans and site plans ordered. Aerial sketches were ordered when the property needed an overall view. (Margaret Picken, 2020)

Historical information

This drawing is one of a series created by Margaret Picken for a number of real estate agents in Melbourne between 1983 and 2005. Each work is signed and dated by the artist.

Physical description

Pen and ink architectural drawing on drafting film of 25 Ridgeway Avenue, Kew by Margaret Picken.

Inscriptions & markings