Historical information

This black and white mage depicts large group of men dressed in military uniform of the Light Horse - with most wearing leather leggings, bandolier and slouch hat with emu plumes. "More Majorum" is engraved on the attached plaque which means "after the custom (or manner) of our ancestors"

The 8th Light Horse Regiment was a mounted rifles regiment of the Australian Army during the First World War. The regiment was raised in September 1914, and assigned to the 3rd Light Horse Brigade. The regiment fought against the forces of the Ottoman Empire, in Egypt, at Gallipoli, on the Sinai Peninsula, and in Palestine and Jordan. After the armistice the regiment eventually returned to Australia in March 1919. For its role in the war the regiment was awarded fifteen battle honours. During the inter-war years, the 8th Light Horse was re-raised as a part-time unit based in the Indi region of northern Victoria. It was later converted to a divisional cavalry regiment during the Second World War but was disbanded in 1944 without having been deployed overseas.


During WWI three light horse regiments were raised in Victoria for the AIF, the 4th ALH, the 8th ALH and the 13th ALH. These regiments served with distinction at Gallipoli, in the Middle East and on the Western Front.

Physical description

Wide and narrow rectangle shaped black and white reproduction photograph mounted on plyboard.
A small metal plaque is attached in the centre of lower edge.

Inscriptions & markings

Plaque -8th Indi Light Horse "More Majorum"