Historical information

This black and white mage depicts large group of men dressed in military uniform of the Light Horse - with most wearing bandoliers and slouch hat, some with emu plumes.

The 13th Light Horse Regiment was formed at Broadmeadows in Victoria in March 1915; it was the third light horse regiment to have been raised in that state. Its regimental number quickly led to it becoming known as the "Devil's Own" regiment. It left Australia on 28 May and disembarked in Egypt on 29 June 1915.
In 1921, Australia's part-time military forces were re-organised to perpetuate the numerical designations of the AIF following its demobilisation. Through this process, the 13th Light Horse was re-raised as a Citizens Forces unit in Victoria, adopting the territorial designation of the "Gippsland Light Horse". In 1939, the regiment was amalgamated with the 19th Light Horse to become the 13th/19th Light Horse.In August 1940, during the opening stages of the Second World War, the 13th was re-formed in its own right. It was later mechanised and re-designated the "13th Motor Regiment". In May 1942, it was converted into an armoured regiment – designated as the "13th Armoured Regiment" – as part of the 2nd Armoured Division's 6th Armoured Brigade, which had been formed for defensive duties to guard against a possible invasion of mainland Australia. After moving to Puckapunyal in July, the regiment was equipped with M3 Grant tanks. Further training was undertaken in Murgon, Queensland, throughout 1943. By that time, manpower within the Army was scarce and as the threat of an invasion by the Japanese diminished during the year, so too did the need for large-scale armoured forces. A number of armoured units were subsequently disbanded as men and equipment were reallocated as the Army reorganised for jungle warfare. As a result, the 13th was disbanded in October 1943. In the post war period, the unit was perpetuated by the 8th/13th Victorian Mounted Rifles, which existed between 1948 and 1991–92.


During WWI three light horse regiments were raised in Victoria for the AIF, the 4th ALH, the 8th ALH and the 13th ALH. These regiments served with distinction at Gallipoli, in the Middle East and on the Western Front.

Physical description

Wide and narrow rectangle shaped black painted frame with gold colour mount and four silver metal screws in each corner. The frame contains a black and white photograph depicting a large group of men dressed in military uniform with bandoliers and slouch hat, some with emu plumes.
A small black strip of plastic is attached in the centre of lower edge.

Inscriptions & markings

Front - 13th Light Horse
Rear - 2nd Division Cavalry School Broadmeadows 20-09-1935