Historical information

There are several different designs of drench guns within the NWM Collection that show the change in their development over time. On the left side of this gun white paint indicates the adjustable dose lever. It is a sliding scale from 10 to 0 cubic centimetres of liquid (now typical measure in millilitres). It also has a small and straight tip suggesting this gun was typically used for dosing Lambs as opposed to ewes. The manual adjuster helped to minimise cases of overdosing which can be fatal for livestock while the additional curvature helped to ensure the liquid reached the desired location within the sheep’s mouth. This desired location is on the left rear of the sheep’s tongue (from the sheep’s point of view) as this is where the oesophagus is located. The main risks are that drench may be delivered into the lungs via the trachea or “windpipe”, which can also prove fatal. The opening to the trachea which leads to the lungs is in the middle of the back of the throat. Another risk is the throat can also be damaged due to rough handling.

Physical description

Silver metal with black finishing drench gun. Straight tip on gun protrudes from the body which feature a thin squeezable trigger to the front of the body. The main bulk, which the trigger is squeezed towards has silver cylinder on top of the handle where tubing carrying the liquid drench into the gun attaches. The small section of tubing still attached has a yellow/orange appearance from remanence of drench which would have been this colour.