Historical information

Hand spun, hand dyed, hand woven and hand sewn suit which won best garment in the 1987 Geelong show. Size 12 in a design by Chanel. It was spun with variegated natural greys on a Sheridan horizontal spinning wheel. It was then dyed pink using natural dyes.
The jacket had commercially brought warp and hand spun weft in twill on a 24” loom.
All spinning, dyeing and weaving was by Jean Inglis of Geelong. The suit was sewn by Caroline Mogic of Geelong, with iron on interfacing, commercially brought trim.
It was worn only once in the parade at the Geelong show.

Physical description

The pink suit jacket has four pockets with gold buttons on front, size 12. The jacket has a checker-plate pattern in which the predominate pink is always present and is accompanied in areas which have grey or white showing through the pink. This checker plate pattern continues down the sleeves of the jacket. The edge of the jacket has a lighter pink trim. A pink skirt accompanies the suit jacket. It has horizontal lines with pink as the predominate colour and areas of grey and white showing through in sections.