Historical information

This banner is one of 70 that were flown both inside and out the Melbourne Town Hall Swanston Street Melbourne during the Centenary of ANZAC. At the conclusion of the ANZAC Centenary, the banners were offered to RSL Sub Branches across Victoria "on a first in best dressed basis" by the Department of Premier and Cabinet. Beechworth was a lucky recipient


Banner was flown during the Centenary of ANZAC outside/inside A Melbourne Town Hall

Physical description

Street Banner f ANZAC 2014 - 2018

Inscriptions & markings

Victoria Remembers printed vertically upward from centre to top right corner/silhouette of digger in the Standing on Arms Reversed position / along the left hand border top to bottom coloured patterns 24cm wide symbolizing the colours of medals ribbons /Across the bottom picture of poppy followed by ANZAC - 2014 - 2018 - / CENTENARY / Sharing Victoria's Stories & Making Connections (in italics) / bottom right hand symbol VICTORY/State/ Government / sown on mounting ribbon left side top to bottom two plastic mounting clips one on top one, one on the bottom, centre clip is made of metal