Historical information

A green tunic made for junior legatees to attend girls' classes. It is in great condition and is an excellent example of the uniforms used at Legacy classes.
Throughout the year Melbourne Legacy provided classes for Junior Legatees such as dancing, gymnastics and Eurythmics. Melbourne Legacy would then conduct Annual Demonstrations to showcase their skills.
Legacy provided uniforms free of charge for all girls attending the classes.
Typical of the time the tunic appears hand made but many mothers and legatee wives would have been capable of making uniforms as they also made many of the costumes for the annual demonstrations.
The tunic was donated back to Legacy from the family of Marjorie and Jacobina (Jackie) Bristol, sisters who were both junior legatees in the 1930s and 1940s after their father passed away, he was a World War 1 veteran.
Jacobina later became Jackie Wood and passed away in April 2020. Marjorie became Marjorie Bachmann and passed away in 1986. Also donated were a photo of the girls at calisthenics classes, a junior legatee certificate, a souvenir handkerchief from the 90th anniversary celebrations and a $100 Legacy badge. These are catalogued separately at 01948 to 01952.


A fantastic example of a uniform that was a symbol of membership of Legacy classes.

Physical description

A green cotton tunic with a Legacy emblem used by junior legatees used in Girls' Classes.

Inscriptions & markings

Handwritten in blue pen '34' on the tag at the back.