Historical information

Hand made by Henry A Zanoni around 1936 - 38


The Fisherman's Shed, which is now situated behind the Queenscliff Maritime Museum originally sat on
Fisherman's Pier. Fisherman's Pier was constructed in 1856, but it is not known when the shed was
constructed on the pier. Registered fishermen used to shelter in this shed and it was used as a clubhouse and
later as a meeting place for the Fishermen's Union. Between 1895 and 1946 fisherman Henry Zanoni painted a
mural featuring the ships and ferries that were coming into Queenscliff, on the interior walls of the shed.
Fisherman's Pier was demolished around 1960 and the Fisherman's Shed was relocated twice, most recently
to behind the Queenscliffe Maritime Museum.

Physical description

Model Yacht with blue hull and white superstructure