Physical description

xi-xxv; 467 P.; index; endnotes; reading list; PoRTS.; map; facsimiles; 23 cm.


History of interaction between Aboriginal people in Victoria and Europeans from first settlement until present day, based on consultation with Aboriginal people as well as range of historical research; settlement and its effects on Aboriginals and their way of life and culture; race relations; conflict; treatment of Aboriginal people by police, law and settlers; adapting to European life in post-frontier times; reserves; government policy including protectionism and assimilation and legislation controlling Aboriginal people; Lake Tyers; Framlingham; camps; removal of children; Aboriginal activism; Aboriginal autonomy; Aboriginality; argues Aboriginal people have established own place in Victoria, living as Aboriginal people within an altered world and that they are reclaiming their culture. // The fascinating and sometimes horrifying story of Aboriginals in Victoria since white settlement. With painful stories of personal loss as well as many successes, outlines how they survived near decimation to become a vibrant community today.