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20 p. : ill., map ; 21 cm.


Traditional Aboriginal Society was an oral culture so that the history, stories, and songs and knowledge of Spirituality, Laws, Customs and Values were communicated verbally for thousands of years. The invasion of Europeans caused destruction of tribal groups by disease and killings. It limited the use of language, exchange of stories, land use and the important performance of rituals and ceremonies. Europeans used their world view as a mirror and through their observations, documents, diaries, reports and stories were full of racist comments and ignorant opinions of a lifestyle and culture of which they had little understanding. This book was the result of many months of research by a group of Swan Hill Aboriginal Educators. It is an attempt to present limited information about the history and lifestyles of the Wemba Wemba and Wathi Wathi people, the Tribes of the Swan Hill and Lake Boga areas.