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xvii, 255 p. ; maps; 21 cm.


Contents: THE LEGACY OF THE PAST. Henry Reynolds: European justification for taking the land; Noel Loos & Jane Thomson: Black resistance past & present: An overview. FEDERAL POLICIES IN THE SEVENTIES. Lyndall Ryan: Federal policies on land rights: an overview of the seventies; Commentary: H.C. Coombs. LAND RIGHTS IN THE NORTHERN TERRITORY. Bob Collins: The march backwards; Proposed liquor laws & a draft criminal code for the Northern Territory. A TREATY & THE NAC. H.C. Coombs: The case for a treaty; Les Malezer: NAC proposals for a Makarrata; Marcia Langton: The international lobby and Makarrata; Judith Wright: In defence of a treaty. QUEENSLAND GOVERNMENT POLICIES. Garth Nettheim: The Queensland Acts & human rights; Jim Keeffe: DAIA: The role of the protector - then & now. QUEENSLAND RESERVES AND COMMUNITIES. Kenny Jacobs, Roberta Felton & Darwin Mudunathi: Mornington Island perspectives; Delphine Geia: Life on Palm Island; Eric Kyle: Changes on Palm Island; Shorty O'Neill : The effects of Queensland policies on grass roots Aborigines; Granny Dolly speaks; Les Collins: The significance of the Aboriginal flag. TORRES STRAIT ISLANDER PERSPECTIVES. Eddie Koiki Mabo: Land rights in the Torres Strait; Nonie Sharp: The seafaring peoples of the Cape York region: Themes in a quest for homelands; Ben Mills: Islanders' response to proposed repeal of the Torres Strait Islanders Act. POSSIBILITIES FOR COMMONWEALTH ACTION. Garth Nettheim: The possibilities for Commonwealth action in Queensland. THE RACIAL DISCRIMINATION ACT. Al Grassby: Combatting racism in Australia. A HIGH COURT CHALLENGE? Barbara Hocking: Is might right? An argument for the recognition of traditional Aboriginal title to land in the Australian courts; Greg McIntyre: Aboriginal land rights - a definition at common law.