Historical information

A black and white photo of men and boys all wearing cowboy style hats. The label implies it is the first Junior Legacy camp at Somers in 1926. Legacy was founded in 1923 so this is a very early photo.
The label on the back says: "Extract from 'Legacy' by Claude Blatchford.
At Christmas 1926, a camp for boys was held at Balnarring on the property of Legatee S G Savige. It is impossible to over-estimate the advantages and benefits these camps afford. An annual camp, under discipline must be regarded as conferring the very greatest benefits. The first camp in 1926 was for seven day and thirty two boys went under canvas.
Seven tents were used, and tent commanders were appointed. The lads were rostered for duties and their time was otherwise taken up in swimming, fishing, shooting and cricket. Standing orders and daily routine orders were issued, and it is to the credit of the boys that the discipline was excellent." (Blatchford 1932).
In the early years, Legacy organised outings to the property of Legacy founder, Legatee Stan Savige, who had a place in Balnarring close to the beach. Permanent camp buildings were built in 1930, and with an association with Lord Somers (Governor of Victoria) it was called Somers Camp.


A very early photo of Legatees taking care of the decedents of their deceased comrades.

Physical description

Black and white photo of the 1926 Somers Camp mounted on brown card in a wooden frame under glass.

Inscriptions & markings

Typed label says 'First Junior Legacy Camp Somers 1926'. Typed extract on reverse is a copy of text from Blatchford's book.