Physical description

Annual Report by C. Bogue Luffmann, in the Department of Agriculture Annual Report 1900 pp 262-311. 2 copies
This is a photocopy of the original report. The report is headed "Department of Agriculture, Victoria." At this time the Burnley School of Agriculture was under the jurisdiction of the Dept. of Agriculture. The report was prepared by the Principal C. Bogue Luffmann. It is 54 pages in length, contains an annual report and prospectus, an examination paper, eight essays on horticultural subjects, 4 of these by Mr Bogue Luffmann and the remainder by students.
Essays contained in the Annual Report are:
Profitable Branches of Agriculture for Victoria - C Bogue Luffmann (Principal)
Trunks and Branches - C Bogue Luffmann
Girdling Cincturing Lancing Bandaging & Hardening of Bark - C Bogue Luffmann
Humus - Tessa Smith (2nd year student)
An examination paper - I Higgins (2nd year student)
The Requisite Qualifications of the Commercial Fruit Grower - M.W. Thompson (2nd year student)
Fruit Tree Stocks - M.W. Thompson
An Examination Paper - H.R. Ward (1st year student) and M. Thatcher (1st year student)