Physical description

Collection of photographs of staff and some Research Fellows. These have been scanned but not added to Media. Some labelled with position at the time and some identified by Ala Shtrauser (former Asst. Librarian), Andrew Smith, Ross Payne. (1-4) Ross Payne (Engineering Technician). (5-6) Ed Smart (Lecturer). (7-8) James Will (Lecturer). (9) Mark McNamara (Librarian.) (10) Rosemary McConnell (Librarian). (11Kevin Blaze (Lecturer). (12-13) David Aldous Lecturer). (14) Peter McSweeney (Senior Lecturer, Co-ordinator of BAS(H)). (15) Andrew Smith (Gardener). (16) Dr. Cassandra McLean (Senior Lecturer). (17) Sally Cullwick (Librarian). (18) Kat Frame (Librarian). (19) Michael Nechwatal (Handy Person). (20) Ala Hires (Shtrauser) (Library Assistant). (21-22) Peter May (Deputy Head of Campus). (23-25) Geoff Connellan (Senior Lecturer, Horticultural Engihneering, Co-ordinator MAS(H)). (26-27) John Rayner (Lecturer). (28) Jamie Pearson (Lecturer). (30) Graham Sterry (Printer). (31) Michael Green (Lecturer). (32) Suzanne Trajstman (Counsellor). (33) Greg Moore (Principal). (34-35) Greg Moore, Peter May, Geoff Connellan. (36) Greg Moore, Peter May, David Aldous. ((37-38) John Brereton (Lecturer, Co-ordinator AC(H)). (39-41) Nick Bailey (Lecturer).(42) Karen Van Laak (Admin). (43) Ruth Beilin (Lecturer). (44-46) Clive Sorrell (Lecturer). (47) Jayne Lindholm (Lab. Asst.). (48-49) Phil Kenyon (Arboriculture Lecturer). (50-51) Ross Hall (Lecturer). (52-55) Catherine Jaggs (Admin. Officer).(56) Robin Haylett (Gardener, Amrad). (57-59) Robina Duygen (Office Manager). (60) Julie Cocksedge (Nursery). (61) David Morales (Landscape)? (Tony Westmore (Lecturer). (63-64) Stuart Miller (IT). (65) Trish Mooney (Gardener) (66) Michael Looker (Lecturer). (67) Kerry Howard (Lecturer). (68) Alan Shaanks (Nursery, Field Station Tractor Driver). (69) Brian Shields (Lecturer). (70-73) Ian Winstone (Lecturer). 74 Tom Karapidis (Cleaner). (75-76) Ken James (Lecturer). (77-79) Jim Stafford (Property & Services Manager).(80) Kelvin McKenzie (Carpenter). (81-85) Kylie Cannon (General Administrative Officer). (86) Melanie Conomikes (Lecturer). (87 Dr. Sally Stewart-Wade (Lecturer). (88) Geraldine Fay (EH & S Administrator). (89) Rowan Reid (Lecturer). (90) Romduol Buruma (Finance Officer). (91) David Morales (Cleaner). (2) Tony Westmore (Lecturer). (93) Clare Scott. (94) Bata Thomas (Caretaker). (95-96) Nicholas Osborne (Nursery Assistant). ((7) John Hensley (Cleaner). (98) Jill Kellow (Environmental Horticulturer Technician). (99) Nicky Jacobs (Counsellor). (100-102) John Delpratt (Lecturer). (103-105) Alex Campbell (Nursery Technician). (106) Christine Gregory (Clerical Assistant). Stamped, "Victorian College of Agriculture & Horticulture-Burnley, Burnley Gardens, Swan St., Richmond Vic 3121 2/1984." (107) Jenny Wilson (Typist) Stamped as previous "2/84" b/w. (108-112) Unidentified. (116) Dr Yue Wang (Research Fellow). (117) Simon Murphy (Senior Forest Researcher). (118) ? (119) Carmel McPhee at Como. Includes 2 different Staff Listings, 1 dated 03 January 1990 with years employed and Last Position.