Physical description

Garden views, newly planted Melaleuca styphelioides, Garden view "BHC". "Spear Thistle Flowers". "Orchard Weed Control Terbacil?" "Feeding Hay to Merino X" "Baleo? Lucerne." "Glasshouse Display." Fitzroy Gardens. "Rose Pruning Day." "Cut Flowers" growing in the Orchard. "B.H.C. Gardens" Jan 8? Sequoia sempervirens & Jacaranda. 3 slides Nursery equipment Feb? Student spraying in the Orchard. Poly tunnel. Inside a greenhouse. Sign "Plant Science Laboratory Lecture Room 5 ‎‎‎→". Poly tunnel Jan? Student Representative Council? 2 slides of an unreadable sign near the Plant Research Institute. Students seated insid the Hall. "Citrus Burnley Orchard." Student being taught how to lay irrigation pipe (Burnley?) Students in class (Library Burnley?) Student in Science Laboratory. 2 slides of a student on a ride-on-mower in the Gardens "Burnley" Tap in the ground - irrigation?