Historical information

This is a Rose's Australia stereocard of Morningside. Built c1875, Morningside was the residence of John and Catherine D'Alton, it was located on site of present (2010) Colonial Motor Inn. c1900 it was owned by Langley family and was taking in paying guests. In 1909 it was leased by James and Grace D'Alton who continued to run a small guest house. In the late 1920's a small building was erected to serve as PO and telephone exchange. C1980 the guest house closed. In 1982 Morningside was demolished.

Physical description

A computer print of a State Library of Victoria Catalogue entry for a stereograph card. The card shows a building, surrounded by trees, standing in large grounds. There is a picket fence with a gate in the foreground and two people leaning on either side of the gate facing each other (as though in conversation). Hills are seen in the background.