Historical information

The photo shows the opening ceremony of Henham Township by Lord Stradbroke (the man on the right of the structure). A strip of land 2 kilometres long and half a kilometre wide had been approved as suitable for subdivision into 591 quarter acre blocks valued at 30-35 pounds each. Unfortunately it turned out to be a "fizzer". For further information see Victoria's Wonderland pp 93-95, 103.

Physical description

Photo shows a group of people sitting on and standing behind a low pile of rocks that sweeps around a wooden structure, which is three rough logs standing and lashed together to form a rough pyramid. A pulley is attached to the apex of the pyramid and a large stone block is suspended from it. Two men stand, one in front of and one beside the structure, both wear suits and are holding pieces of paper. A young boy sits in the left foreground in front of one of the poles.