Historical information

Self published because no-one believed it would sell; had to be reprinted the same year and still selling. This copy was acquired from Wendy Lowenstein the day of Tim Hills' wake at the Maritime Workers' Union, 17 May, 1995. It had been signed some years previously as many of the informants are now dead.

Physical description

Hardcover second edition signed by authors and wharfies, black cloth-bound with black/red/white dust jacket titled "Under the Hook - Melbourne Waterside Workers Remember 1906 - 1980" (2 copies)

Inscriptions & markings

1 copy (169.01a) is signed on first page by both authors plus 12 of the 31 waterside workers quoted in the book, and on title page by Wendy Lowenstein. The other copy (169.01b) is only signed on the title page by Wendy.