Historical information

In 1927 the Duke and Duchess of York (later King George VI and Queen Elizabeth) visited Australia. The Port Melbourne Council established a Strong Post in St Kilda Road to welcome the royal couple.

Standing third and fourth from left Mrs CRICHTON, holding an Australian flag, and Cr J P CRICHTON. The tall man in centre of photograph looking at the camera is S S ANDERSON, Town Clerk. Second from right is Cr William HOWE, Mayor.

This is the final version of the proof also held in the PMHPS collection (293.01) where the oval inset of the royal couple has been swapped from the right hand upper corner in the proof to the upper left corner in final version.

Physical description

Sepia photograph with a brown wooden mount of a Port Melbourne Council group in St Kilda Road awaiting the arrival of Duke and Duchess of York - 21 April, 1927. A oval photo of the royal couple is inset in the top left corner.

Inscriptions & markings

"Port Melbourne Strong Post St. Kilda Rd. - Arrival of Duke & Duchess of York, April 21st 1927" below the image on the mount.