Historical information

Either copies of or the brochure itself was in Dot WHARRIE's possession, and she made these copies to be put into a heritage exhibition staged by Pat GRAINGER at the Missions to Seamen building, Community Day Dec. 1987. They show portions of brochure offering various lots including site later J.E. Earl's and Morley's Coal Store (at the time leased by S&A). Lots 6 to 11 are the only ones included on these pages. All properties were owned by Lady Janet CLARKE.

Physical description

One of two yellow photocopies of allotment plans and descriptions from sale brochure c1905: property belonging to Lady Janet CLARKE, Liardet, Nott, Bay and Graham Streets

Inscriptions & markings

Ink notes on back with guesses as to date, signature 'Pat Grainger'