Physical description

Kit presented to attendees at celebratory breakfast for 150th Anniversary of the M&HB railway, in pink & copper.

.02: Invitation to the breakfast

.03: Badge '150 Victoria' gold coloured

.04: Set of 4 railway postcards ('maximum cards')

.05: Fridge magnet from PROV (grey & black)

.06: Card designating table 16, where 9 PMH&PS members sat

.07: "Sandridge Railway Trail" - DL tour guide

.08: "Making Tracks" - DL brochure about RHSV exhibition

.09: "Stampspotting" - DL exhibition brochure (Aust Post)

.10: "Rebuilding Regional Rail" - A4 brochure re new developments in Vic Rail

.11: "Celebrating the 150th Anniversary of Victorin Railways" - double-sided A4 fact sheet, copper & pink

.12: Seven related media releases from various auhorities

.13 RHSV form for telling railway stories. (May be missing August 2013)