Historical information

Doolittle Raid occurred on the 18th April 1942 during WW 2.. The raid was the first air raid by the US Forces on Tokyo and Honshu and the Japanese Archipelago. A special unit of USAAF B25 Mitchell Bombers trained under the command of Col. James Doolittle flew from the carrier USS Hornet. B25 Mitchell Bomber had 2 Radial engines developing 1700 hp. Wingspan of 20.6 metres. Length 16.3 metres. It carried a crew of 4 to 6 personnel and had a range of 2175 kilometres and a bomb payload of 1360 Kgs.


Important event of war against Japanese.

Physical description

57 cm x 38.5 cm. Ebonised and Gold frame. Showing B 25 Mitchell bomber taking of from USS Carrier Hornet.

Inscriptions & markings

Inscribed " Take Off " Doolittle Raid on Tokyo 1942.