Historical information

This 305 page, full colour hard copy reference work, catalogues the series of metal uniform embellishments used by Units and Regiments of the Australian Army, from 1953 through to the date of publication.

The book provides images of the front and the back of a given (metal) insignia set for each Unit or Regiment operating within the Australian Army since 1953 (including abolished formations). Each image set, depicts the relevant hat badge, collar badges and epaulette title and/or cloth shoulder title applicable. The book’s images document at least three distinctly different ‘generations’ of insignia manufacturing methods/types, including the:

gilt brass and white metal items used in the 1953 to 1964 period; and anodised aluminium ‘StayBright’ insignia introduced as from 1964 and ‘BriteShine’ insignia introduced with effect from 1997 (running through to today).

The full colour photographic images in the book are complimented by written descriptions which cite each item’s distinguishing characteristics… including measures of: typical weight, height, width and thickness (at a given point). A discussion of copies and faked items is also provided, including microscope resolution images of ‘tell tale’ signs to look for.

The entries in this book are organised alphabetically and are consistent with those used in the Authors’ earlier publications (ie. the 614 page eBook version of Volume 1, as well as with the 236 page ‘Concise’ hard copy Editions of Volume 1).