Historical information

An article from the Melbourne Legacy Bulletin on the death of Legatee Cyril Terence Charles Kirby, a long serving Legatee. The Bulletin published articles on Legatees when they passed away.
The article includes an overview of his war service with the British as an 'Old Contemptible' in World War 1. Also with the Docks and Movement Control in Melbourne during World War 2.
He met his wife Priscilla Wardle during World War 1 and moved to Ballarat to marry her. Priscilla was an Australian nurse serving with the QAIMNS and part of her diary is in this collection, and more is held with Ballarat and District Bast Hospital Nurses League also on Victorian Collections.
He joined Legacy in Ballarat in 1929 and transferred to Melbourne Legacy in 1935. Even when his health caused him to reduce his commitments to the Reserve list he still found time to attend Legacy and spent many hours each month doing clerical work and fund raising. "Keeping everyone amused with his inexhaustible supply of 'little stories', and in a word, doing a thoroughly good Legacy job."
The account of his life was written by Legatee Brian Armstrong (initials JHBA) and has a very affectionate tone.
The article was found in the bound copies of the Weekly Bulletin and copied due to the link with Priscilla Wardle when the diary was returned to the family in May 2021.


A record of the life and service of Legatee Terry Kirby The information was collected to record the lives of prominent legatees in a folder.

Physical description

Photocopy of a page from the Legacy Weekly Bulletin on the death of Legatee Terry Kirby.

Inscriptions & markings

Bulletin No. 1961 14 May 1968 page 1.