Historical information

The donor's aunt, Margaret E. Hollis nee Piesse (18/2/1919-2008) wore this gown to the Coronation of Queen Elizabeth II in 1953. She was one of a total of 8,251 guests who attended the ceremony at Westminster Abbey, London. Margaret Piesse was born in Hobart and grew up in the Piesse family home, 'Merridale', Sackville Street, Kew. She was residing at 4a Little Cloister, Westminster Abbey at the time of the Coronation and was married (on 14/2/1942) to Rev Howard Hollis, a minor Canon at the Abbey and a deputy Priest in – Ordinary to the Queen (1954-1959). Howard chanted the litany and carried the sceptre. Margaret’s daughter-in-law, Sue Hollis, Margaret’s sons, Julian who attended the Coronation with his mother, and Richard, gave the photograph to Felicity Renowden, the donor. Margaret Hollis died in Kew on 16/4/2008.

Physical description

Print copy of an original photograph of Margaret Ellen Hollis (nee Piesse) before she attended the Coronation of Elizabeth II in 1953. She is posed in the photograph, seated wearing her dress, tiara and long elbow length gloves.