Historical information

The farm buildings that Linda Gallus has studied and painted are on the farmland adjoining the Leura Park properties in Curlewis, on the Bellarine Peninsula. The current owner of the property told Linda that he bought the farm in 1994. He has used it for both sheep and cattle grazing since purchasing the property.
When the farmer bought the land all the buildings on the property were painted white for sale, despite the fact they were very old. The shearing shed was in use up until the time of sale but was in a bad state of disrepair. The roof, stumps and floor required replacing. The building was no longer in use after the sale, so the shearing shed gradually fell into further disrepair. The previous owner had also used the property for growing potatoes, crops and livestock, mainly sheep.
Linda’s fascination with the property came when she caught a glimpse of the white chimney over the hill driving towards Point Lonsdale, which still stands proud today on the roof of the old shearing shed. The owner kindly allowed her to visit the property over the past few years to capture the buildings using photography and painting.
During this time many of the buildings have fallen. Linda calls it The White Farm as there are remnants of that original white paint on the outside of most of the buildings giving it a strange and rather beautiful patina. The structures are wonderful remnants of the history of the Bellarine.
Linda first spotted the old shearing shed when she was driving home to Clifton Springs from Geelong. It was the white chimney on the shearing shed that stood out behind the rolling grassy hills. It was intriguing – bright white and still in good condition, unlike the rest of the building. After further investigation Linda got to know the owner of the property and visited it frequently to draw, take photos and paint. There is a variety of lovely old buildings on the property, but it was the shearing shed that held extra fascination for Linda. The most intriguing thing for Linda was that the buildings were all painted white at some stage and now the patina of peeling paint and bleached timber brought a wonderful mood and feeling to the farm. This is what she has tried to capture in this series of 11 paintings. Most of the buildings are falling, so Linda felt an urgency to capture them using acrylic paint on canvas in order to commemorate them forever.

Physical description

Acrylic Paint on Canvas. The images both feature a falling down shearing shed as the central focus. The wood of the shearing shed is a central theme of importance. The old buildings were painted white for sale despite being in a state of structural instability. After time this same painted wood has been left with an interesting complex patina like film on the surface which the artist has taken great care to capture.
Image 1 is titled ‘Another gust of Wind’. It shows the exterior of the shearing shed which is in the process of collapsing from the forces of mother nature. In the background of this painting another of the buildings in the ‘White Farm’ complex is visible, in addition to blue skies and overgrown green grasses.
Image 2 is titled ‘Green Trough’. It features the interior of the same collapsing shearing shed. The image is painted as though the viewer is peering through a crack of the external wall. Internally a green trough is seen hanging on an internal fence. Unlike everything else in the shearing shed, the trough appears new and in good condition. It provides a strong juxtaposition to the rest of the shearing shed, and the larger surrounding ‘White Farm’ complex