Historical information

A newspaper article promoting the annual demonstration in The Sun on 7 September 1960. The photo shows a group of young girls in Legacy uniforms and a balloon. The names of the girls are Louise Ryan, Christine Hore, Susan Hore, Cheryl Hore, Robyn Yeo and Claire Ryan.
The story says that boys and girls from Legacy were rehearsing for their annual demonstration at the Olympic swimming stadium. About 1000 children take part in the display. Highlights were physical trying exhibitions by the boys and ballet scenes by the girls. The theme of the show is the activities of Legacy throughout the year.
Throughout the year Melbourne Legacy provided classes for Junior Legatees such as dancing, gymnastics and eurythmics, the Demonstration was an annual event to showcase their skills. Melbourne Legacy conducted Annual Demonstrations / Parades from 1928 through to the 1980's, usually held at Melbourne Town Hall or Olympic Pool Stadium.
The article was cut from the newspaper and pasted into a scrap book of press clippings. For many years Legacy kept scrap books of press clippings that related to their work and publicity.


A record of photos taken in 1960 for promoting Legacy's annual demonstration.

Physical description

Newspaper article of girls preparing for the Annual Demonstration pasted to brown page of a scrap book .