Historical information

Eva Fisher was a valued member of the AFB and wished to commission a sculpture for the grounds in the front of Paterson Hall. Noted sculptor Ian Bow was commissioned and created Urban Cycle, a seven panel metal sculpture that follows the development of the local area. Prior to receiving the commission, Ian Bow went through a period of temporary vision loss, which gave him insight into how the sculpture could be appreciated by the blind and low vision community. The different stages are: Harmony - Two pelicans amongst reeds. Intrusion - Frog, kookaburra, mice, fish, lizard and butterfly. Expansion - Doors, windows and roofs under tree canopies. Industry - A factory with large chimney blowing smoke. Density - Multiple boxes, some with figures inside, are crowded beneath a bridge and dome. Decay - Boxes with broken doors and unfinished concrete. Renewal - A church with a Calvary cross over roughened surface.

Physical description

Heptagonal cast aluminium sculpture with seven panels arranged around a central metal pole.

Inscriptions & markings

Thanks to the generosity of Evangeline Annie Fisher this sculpture, entitled 'Urban Cycle', was created by Ian Bow in 1975 and depicts stages of development of a city through the use of tactile forms. Further information is available at Reception. Vision Australia. Blindness, Low Vision, Opportunity.