Artists statement

The Koori Mural was designed by artist Megan Evans in consultation with a committee from the Aborigines Advancement League consisting of the late Lin Onus, the late Molly Dyer, the late Ron Johnson and the late Elizabeth Hoffman. It was painted by Evans and renowned Aboriginal artist Ray Thomas along with Ian Johnson, Millie Yarram, Les Griggs, Elaine Trott and a number of volunteers. The mural has considerable historical and cultural significance and refers to the experiences of the the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities, from early colonial history to the more recent struggle for social justice. In 2014 the mural was replicated onto a vinyl banner and installed at its current site.

Historical information

The Northcote Koori Mural was originally located on Council land in High Street, Northcote, opposite the Northcote Town Hall. A huge, free-standing wall was built specifically to accommodate the mural which was painted on site. The land on which the mural was housed was later sold, however, and the mural was relocated to the Aborigines Advancement League in St. Georges Road, Thornbury. Conservation work in 2014 and original panels decommissioned and vinyl banner hung in its place (with Total Outdoor Media). In 2015 solar lights were installed along with landscaping to the front of the mural and a plaque depicting the history on the mural.