Historical information

Carronbank (demolished) in Marshall Avenue, Kew was once the home of the Rev Graham Henty Balfour. It had extensive grounds, including a tennis court at the rear of the property. It remained a private residence until c.1960. The Department of Education purchased Carronbank as a school for partially sighted children, opening in February 1961 as State School No 4483. During the period 1961 to c.1980, the building housed a number of services. From 1969 to 1974, it was the site of Carronbank State School, later renamed Carronbank School for Deaf-Blind Children. In 1973, the Department established the Visiting Teacher Service for the Visually Impaired at the site. Its aim was to support teachers working in Victorian Government, Catholic and Independent Schools. From 1983 the school operated as Statewide Resource Centre for Visiting Teachers of the Vision Impaired. In 1988, the amalgamation of Princess Elizabeth Junior School for Deaf Children, the Monnington Centre and Carronbank School for Deaf Blind Students allowed the Victorian Government to sell each of the sites. Monnington [Adeney Avenue, Kew] reverted to private ownership, while Glendonald and Carronbank in Marshall Avenue were demolished and subdivided.


The donor, Mr Murray Osler, was Principal of the Monnington Special Education Centre in Adeney Avenue (Kew) from 1976. This photo, and an accompanying drawing of 'Monnington' are important primary resources for the delivery of education to and for deaf-blind children in Victoria.

Physical description

The photograph, framed under perspex, shows the tennis court of Carronbank which had been converted into a play area for the students of the school. The flat roofed building may have been a toilet block, added for the school. The garage brick wall belongs to No 11. Grass is growing on the original asphalt court and there is equipment and tunnels for play. When sold the property was divided into three separate building blocks.