Historical information

Photos of a Christmas Party for junior legatees and the Melbourne Legacy Leadership Group. The photos show Legatees cooking sausages on the BBQ. It appears to have been sponsored by Brumby's bakeries. Location is not known. The children were given gifts of sleeping bags by Santa Claus.
The Melbourne Legacy Leadership Group is a dedicated group of young people aged between 18 and 35 years who themselves were Junior Legatees. They organise and conduct events throughout the year for young Junior Legatees.
The photos were mounted in an album of events that happened for Junior Legatees in 2001, including a trip to the Aquarium, a trip to Luna Park, horse riding and fishing and a Melbourne Legacy Leadership Group Christmas party.
Melbourne Legacy arranged many events for Junior Legatees to experience.


A record of the outings provided for Junior Legatees organised by Legacy.

Physical description

Colour photo x 2 of a Christmas Party for Junior Legatees and the Legacy Leadership Group 2001.

Inscriptions & markings

Yellow label printed 'Christmas Party 2001'.