Historical information

Circa 1920's the postcard depicts a pathway and manicured lawns leading to the Beechworth Mental Asylum administration building.

The asylum was constructed between 1864 and 1867 to the designs by the Public Works Department (PWD) that was renamed Mayday Hills Mental Asylum.

The now decommissioned asylum was cinsidered one of the largest psychiatric hospitals in Victoria and consisted of sixty-seven buildings, one thousand two hundred patients and five hundred staff members. The asylum was one of the first asylums to focus on treatment and rehabilitation instead of institutional confinement. At the asylum active works was considered imperative and workshops were located near the male accommodations and laundries and drying yards near the female accommodation.


This postcard is significant as it depicts the historical, architectural, technical and aesthetic significance of the Beechworth Mental Asylum's administration building to the State of Victoria.

Physical description

Black and white rectangular postcard printed on card.

Inscriptions & markings

Valentine Series No.1858/ The Asylum Beechworth

Valentines/ Real Photo Series
Published by Valentine Publishing Co. Pty. Ltd/
Queen St.. Melb