Historical information

The Beechworth Historic Courthouse is a living history museum in Victoria, Australia. Built in 1858, it has been in continuous service for 131 years and is currently home to a unique collection of artifacts, including its original furniture and fittings. The Courthouse Law Library is also recognised as being of outstanding national significance with many rare books held in the collection.


The courthouse was built in 1858 and is located in the centre of the Beechworth Historic Precinct. It was built from granite with a double height gabled courtroom with the entrance via a central projecting porch.

The building was classified in 1959 as part of Group Classification (B2615)with Forests Office, Lands Office, Police Lock-up & Police Station.

The Courthouse is a significant site in Australia’s legal history because it was the location of more than 40 trials and hearings for the Kelly Gang and their sympathisers.

Physical description

This a rectangular, black and white photograph, unmounted.

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