Historical information

Taken in the early 2000s, this photograph depicts two men and two women, all holding wine glasses. Everyone is casually dressed and seem to be attending a dinner party at the Burke Museum. The group of four have been identified as A. Robbins, J. Indian, S. Routledge and A. Box.


This photograph is significant because of its insight into the social aspect of life at the Burke Memorial Museum during the 2000s. The photograph is part of a large collection of photos from this time period and shows fashion trends, social events and interior design trends of the time. The photograph in an interpretive capacity could also assist in further research into the life and development of the Burke Museum, providing a different perspective on early 2000s social events and their development into the social events of today.

Physical description

Coloured rectangular photograph printed on photographic paper.

Inscriptions & markings

Obverse: No Exit /
Reverse: AGFA Watermark / 6511