Historical information

A man and two women surround the case of the extinct Tasmanian Thylacine at the Burke Museum. They have been identified as Tim Flannery, Linda Peacock and Pam Magennis. Tim Flannery was an orator at the Kerferd Oration and spoke on "The Climate Change Challenge".


This photograph is significant both socially and historically. The Kerferd Oration is held every year and speaks on topics that both challenges and encourages members of the community. In 2008 the speaker was Tim Flannery pictured in this photograph. Flannery spoke on the issue of climate change, and how we can better manage the earth and her resources. This makes this photograph particularly interesting as the Tasmanian Thylacine is extinct because of the acts of man (hunting and introduction of foreign species), this photograph therefore sends a message about climate change and subsequent extinction, which makes it a significant item to the community of Beechworth and to the Burke Museum.

Physical description

Coloured rectangular photograph printed on photographic paper.

Inscriptions & markings

Reverse: 6854