Historical information

Documentary evidence records that in 1890 William H. Jarman, accountant, was the first owner and occupier of 'Kalimna', a substantial rwo-storey residence; it having an initial N.A.V. of £1503. In the following year the N.A.V. for the eleven-roomed property had increased to £2504 indicating that the building had been completed. Jarman is recorded as owning and occupying 'Kalimna' until at least 1910,

Physical description

Colour photographic positive of one of 'Kalimna'. The house is typical of the late Victorian period with polychromatic brick walls, a two storeyed, cast iron decorated verandah that spans two facades, and a polygonal bay window extending to the front. The eaves and chimneys are decorated with Italianate brackets executed in render. The slate roof remains intact, including its cast iron finials. (Kew Conservation Study, 1988)