Historical information

Documentary evidence records that the first occupier of this substantial two-storey residence was Harry Karlbaum, a sharebroker and although the owner's name is not listed in the Rate Books for this first year, it appears in 1893 as Robert Crawford Anderson, a merchant, The property was given an initial N.A.V. of £150 in 1892 while by 1900 it was listed as having eleven rooms. (Kew Conservation Study, 1988)

Physical description

Colour photographic positive of one of 'Prague House'. The house is clad in render and is typical of the late Victorian period with an asymmetrical composition that has a loggia of stilted segmental arches at both levels that turns the corner of the house, and a polygonal bay window on one side of the front facade. The application of colonettes across the facade, the square piers to the loggia. and the lift in the eave to form a gable unit are less typical. (Kew Conservation Study, 1988)