Historical information

Taken in 1999, the photograph depicts a section of “The Harvest” exhibition held at the Burke Museum between May 1st and June 20th 1999 as part of the Baking Industry Victoria. In the foreground is believed to be an old seed distributor. The grain mill made by B. M. Purshouse in Wolverhampton, United Kingdom, was of special interest during the exhibition.


This photograph is of historical and research significance, connecting with various themes such as farming, adapting to diverse environments, and the promotion of settlement in Victoria. The photograph is an example of an exhibition held at the Burke Museum in 1999, demonstrating the communal interest of Beechworth in their farming history. The photograph contains a strong interpretive capacity as it demonstrates the importance of farming to Beechworth and Beechworth's history, revealing the enduring connection between the local community and the surrounding land. The historical and research value of the photograph is further enhanced by the depiction of historical farming machinery, providing a means for future generations to view historical machines used in farming.

Physical description

Colour rectangular photograph printed on photographic paper.

Inscriptions & markings

Reverse: 2857