Historical information

High Street, Kew is the main Road in Kew. It was once also known as Bulleen Road, or Main Street. This section of the road is in Kew, although the narrow section on the right hand side of the photo is now Kew East. High Street progresses through a number of significant road junctions: beginning at Barkers Road; progressing through the intersection of Studley Park Road, Denmark Street and Princess Street at Kew Junction; branching left at the junction with Cotham Road; before reaching the junction with Valerie Street and Harp Road. It reaches its end at the junction of Burke Road, Kilby Road, Bulleen Road and High Street itself.


An early photograph of this iconic Memorial that locates it in its context.

Physical description

Small, colorised real photo postcard of High Street, East Kew. Electric light poles line the road. Victoria Park is on the left and further on the horizon is the Boroondara General Cemetery.