Historical information

One of seven photographs produced by the Portland Cement Association in 1921 showing how concrete kerbs could be created. Portland Cement Association (PCA) was founded in 1916. From 1917, the association actively promoted the benefits of concrete for road works in Australian newspapers. In the nineteenth century in Melbourne (Vic.) 'made roads' typically had gutters and kerbing lined with bluestone.


The photographs are important evidence of the availability of instructional models for the use of concrete in street works in Victoria. While the photographs date from the early 1920s, the use of concrete for kerbing did not reach its maturity until after World War 2. The photos demonstrate knowledge about and the use of concrete in street works in a major Melbourne municipality at an early period.

Physical description

Black and white photograph with printed instructions on the reverse showing the production of concrete kerbing on 67th Street, West Allis, Milwaukee, Wisconsin (USA). The photograph was produced by the Portland Cement Association of Chicago in 1921 and used within the Chief Engineer's Department of the City of Kew (Vic.).

Inscriptions & markings

"4th - showing the three principal filling operations - 1st Trimming base course; 2nd Mortar facing applied and Trimmed 1/8th high with wooden template; 3rd - Mortar face finished to exact contour with metal finishing trowel, having a rounded face in contact with mortar facing."