Historical information

Hubert Warner’s story shows insight to the families that emigrated from Europe for the gold rush. It illustrates the nuances of life in the district. This history speaks of land cultivation and the innovation of industry in the region, in particular sheep and cattle farming and slaughter. Warner speaks of the highs and lows of the practice of breeding cattle, the awards he won, but also the hardships that come with working on the land such as having to face natural disaster.

This oral history recording was part of a project conducted by Jennifer Williams in the year 2000 to capture the everyday life and struggles in Beechworth during the twentieth century. This project involved recording seventy oral histories on cassette tapes of local Beechworth residents which were then published in a book titles: Listen to what they say: voices of twentieth century Beechworth.

These cassette tapes were digitised in July 2021 with funds made available by the Friends of the Burke.


Hubert Warner's account of life in Beechworth is uniquely illustrative as it captures many aspects of the community. It explains the motivation for European migrants for choosing to settle in the area and how they were able to both become a part of and create a presence in their local community. This oral history also exemplifies the process of developing industry through the twentieth century, how it was done, the struggles it faces, and the triumphs that came with this. Warner's history is specific to the cattle industry and shows great nuance in the day-to-day operation of such a business over time.

Physical description

This is a digital copy of a recording that was originally captured on a cassette tape. The cassette tape is black with a horizontal white strip and is currently stored in a clear flat plastic rectangular container. It holds up 40 minutes of recordings on each side.

Inscriptions & markings

Herbert Warner