Historical information

One of eight photographs donated by the City Engineer of the former City of Kew, mostly of hard rubbish clearance during the period 1969-1985.


One of a dated series of photographs of core local government services as practised by the City of Kew in the period 1969-1985.

Physical description

Original black and white photographic positive of rubbish collection units (trailers) used within the City of Kew in and around 1980. Both trailers display the same sign reading: "City of Kew This collection unit available until tomorrow for unburnables only. Not household or garden refuse. By Order"

Inscriptions & markings

Stamp - J86K431
Annotation in ink on reverse: "Rubbish Units 18/1/80'.
In envelope marked: "Kew City Council 12 photos / 1969 1979 18980 1985 / Unburnable rubbish units 18/1/80"