Historical information

Monochrome postcard titled lower right: “RIVER YARRA AT STUDLEY PARK, MELBOURNE”. The postcard was produced by ROBERT JOLLEY, MELB, (active 1900-1904). The photo is positioned to the left of the card and framed by an art nouveau design. A handwritten annotation on the front reads “BUT WITH THE MORNING / COOL REFLECTION CAME / BLANCHE STEPHENS”. On the reverse, there is a handwritten address in black ink to: MISS L STEPHENS / 26 WEST TERRACE / ADELAIDE. There is no division on the reverse of the postcard, dating it to before 1905. It lacks a postage stamp and postmark.

Physical description

Monochrome postcard of the River Yarra in Studley Park. The view is of the Yarra and its banks, with Kew on the left and Abbotsford on the right, as it appeared in the years 1900-1904. On the Abbotsford side of the river, there are a number of weeping willows lining the banks and houses on the hillside. The Studley Park side of the river includes some remnant vegetation and meandering walking tracks. Three very small figures are sitting on the Kew side.

Inscriptions & markings